Wendy Lathrop

Preferred Title:


Began training: 1982


T'ang Soo Do (3rd Dan)

That Son Than Vo Dao (Master/Sifu)

Tai Chi

Hall of Fame Award:

2013 - 30 years

2024 - 40 years

Other Awards:






Wendy began her martial arts journey in 1982 when she and a friend decided that at age 30 tthat they needed to do something active to keep fit. About a year in, she was shown an ad for something called “Special Training” sponsored by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF). Attening that event marked a major turning point in her life as her eyes were opened to a vast world of arts and skills she had never known of – and most wonderfully, all taught by women (who were a rarity in my school). It also marked the start of some of the deepest friendships and sparked re-focusing of her martial arts life journey.

Wendy has been an active member of NWMAF, co-hosting two Special Training camps and serving, over time, as Newsletter Editor and Secretary. She has been honored twice as Member of the Year.

Wendy is ranked Sam Dan in T’ang Soo Do, holds a Red sash (Master ranking) in That Son Than Vo Dao (Kung Fu), has studied southern Sil Lum Pai kung fu and Qin Na , Tien Shen Pai (Northern style Kung Fu) and Yang style Tai Chi.

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