Lisa Frazer

Preferred Title:
Master Sensei

Began training:

Jujitsu - 5th Dan

Hall of Fame Award:
2020 - 40 years


photo by Sheila Haddad

Master Sensei Lisa Frazer began her martial arts training in Jujitsu in 1974. Lisa loved the art and after her initial school closed, she began training and competing with the Concord Judo Club and was fortunate to receive instruction from Professor Wally Jay in Alameda.

She later connected with instructors from her original school and continued training with them. She began her teaching apprenticeship in 1977 as brown belt assistant teaching 4 nights a week. Lisa was promoted to Black Belt in 1981 as one of the youngest (18 yrs old) and one of the first females. Lisa took over her instructor's classes and continued teaching 3 nights a week from 1981-1994. She even obtained a teaching credential and was certified to teach High School and Adult Education with the Mount Diablo Unified School District Wanting to expand her skills, she began training at Hand To Hand in 1991 and was introduced to the Women's Martial Arts Community by Professor Coleen Gragen. Lisa trained in Kajukenbo and taught Jujitsu at Hand to Hand for several years. She competed in Gay Games and double sported, winning medals in both judo and karate competition.

Having loved the PAWMA experience, of training with women martial artists from many different styles, Lisa was the cofounder of the WBBC, Women's Black Belt Club; where female black belts from all over the Bay Area came to train, cross train, and support each other at monthly trainings. The group even demonstrated at PAWMA Camp with a choreographed group demo highlighting the art of every member.

Lisa continues to train when she can and was promoted to the rank of 5th Dan, Senior Sensei in 2018.

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