Karen C. Brown

Preferred Title:


Began training:


Ai Mute Shotokan - 4th degree black belt

Hall of Fame Award:

2016 - 30 years

Other Awards:
2003: NWMAF Colleen Gragen Award of Inspiration







Karen BrownI began my martial arts journey in 1979 when I enrolled in a six week self defense class taught by Master Jaye Spiro at Mejishi Martial Arts , and decided to stick around. I trained diligently in Ai Mute Shotokan until late 1987, followed 7 year hiatus to deal with personal business, and returned in 1994. In 2013, I earned my a 4th degree black belt in Ai Mute Shotokan, and have periodically studied qi gong, yoga and modern arnis. I especially enjoy teaching karate in Mejishi's children's programs and leading self-defense workshops in the Detroit community.

I served as the NWMAF's treasurer from 1998-2001. In 2003, I was touched to be honored with the NWMAF's Colen Gragen Award of Inspiration. I was a member of the host team for Special Training 2013.

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