Jane Carr

Preferred Title:


Began training: 1960


Danzan Ryu - Judan (10th dan), American Judo & Jujitsu Federation

Modern Arnis - Lankan Isa

Hall of Fame Award:

2013 - 50 years

2023 - 60 years

Other Awards:

Professor Bud Estes Award for Outstanding Contribution to the AJJF, 2012

50 Year Club, AJJF

DanZanRyu Hall of fame, 2004


Professor Jane CarrProfessor Carr (Feb 11, 1939 - Mar 4, 2022) was a member of the AJJF Board of Professors and served in many capacities in the over 60 years of her AJJF jujitsu career. She was always willing to serve in any manner needed, ranging from a single individual to the AJJF body as a whole. She was a strong advocate for female martial artists.

She was Shihan of the Redding Jujitsu Academy, Inc. and taught monthly black belt classes for all levels of black belt up until the weeks before her passing.

She enjoyed thirty-five years as a successful massage therapist and was a founding member of the AJJF DZRSI Standards Committee, the body in charge of perpetuating the healing arts of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. She actively participated in national, regional, and local events, and particularly enjoyed tournaments. She enjoyed watching all students hone their physical and spiritual skills. She competed regularly herself until the age of fifty-five.

Prof Carr was also a Lakan Isa in Modern Arnis, and a member of the AJJF 50 Year Club. She was a proud mother of two daughters, five grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren. She used to say, "The youth is our future. As teachers and parents, it is the most important job of our lives to help them be good citizens and have a productive successful life."

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