Gloria Boldizar

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Kenpo Karate - 8th degree black belt

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2016 - 30 years

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Gloria BoldizarIn 1970, the Kenpo Karate Schools were predominantly male.
Most men were taller than I, and absolutely more hairy. I just hated it when some men did not wear tshirts under their gis. Because I was shorter, I often was looking at a hairy, sweaty, chest.
Also, at that time, the male students' attitude towards women studying in the same dojo was negative and sometimes hostile.
As a white belt, in a primarily male Kenpo Karate School, I was expected to constantly prove myself. I trained four to six days each week for ten years to earn my Shodan. (19701980)
Not only did I prove myself worthy of a black belt, but I became highly respected by my peers and teachers. Remember this was during the macho generation, before Gloria Steinem.
In 1980, I became the group class instructor at this same Kenpo Karate School. The men and women loved my classes. I made them train hard. We all left the mat smiling and sweating.
My longterm vision was to open my own Kenpo Karate School.
In 1981, I formed the 'Kenpo Karate School for Women' in San Francisco. I was the owner and head instructor. My students were women from the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of them referred by WAR (Women Against Rape) and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).
Later, I opened my karate school to include men. It was imperative that my female students train with men. I believe it instilled toughness and selfconfidence.
The ‘Boldizar Karate School’ was opened in 1983. I closed the school in 1996 because of medical complications.
After closing my school, I studied and today continue to study with several Kenpo Karate Masters.
In 2007, I was promoted to eighth degree Black Belt in Kenpo, under Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany, owner and head instructor of Alemany Kenpo Karate School in San Francisco.
My promotions were mostly necessary so that I might continue to promote my black belt students. Today, I am proud to announce that I have promoted many black belts. They range from 1st degree to 5th degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.


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